Before you begin the application process, please read through all the information provided here.




Before you apply for a property under Tu Casa Realty, please take the time to review this Statement of Rental Policy. Please also note that this is our rental criteria; nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation by us that all residents currently residing with us have met these requirements. Our ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from the resident credit reporting services used. It is the policy of Tu Casa Realty to do business in accordance with all applicable fair Housing Laws.


Property Condition: You are accepting the property in an as-is condition. Requests for changes and/or repairs to the property must be submitted in writing with the application.

Application Fee:  A $75.00 application fee is required per occupant over the age of 18.  Failure to pay the application fee will result in an automatic decline. All occupants over 18 are required to complete and pay an application fee to cover administrative paperwork. Application fees are Non-Refundable once submitted.

Pets:    All tenants must go to:   You must complete this step even if you will not have animals in the property during your lease.

Credit History:  A satisfactory credit rating is required. A bankruptcy/foreclosure will only be considered if more than two years old, and even then, will require further consideration and is subject to additional security deposit.

Rental History:  The present and previous rental history verification will require prompt payment history, with no outstanding balances, lease defaults, or evictions.  

Income:  Applicants must have verifiable combined monthly income at least equal to three (3) times the monthly rental amount. If self-employed, child support, Social Security or other income is being considered, Landlord will require (3) months’ worth of bank statements showing deposit and a letter from the court, Social Security Administration or financial professional.

Criminal History:  Felony convictions or misdemeanors, which involve moral turpitude, (i.e., drug involvement, selling, manufacturing or possession of a controlled substance, prostitution, theft, etc.), deferred adjudication for any such offence or probation for a felony, are considered reasons for denial.

 Cosigners:  Cosigners will be allowed if the cosigner is a family member. Cosigners are required to complete the necessary application, pay the application fee and will be subject to the same rental criteria stated above.

 Vehicles: No recreational vehicle of any type will be permitted.



Failure to Provide Accurate Information in Application:   Failure to provide accurate information in your application or your provision of information that is unverifiable will be considered by Landlord when making the decision to lease the Property to you. 





The processing time and approval of all the applications will depend upon receipt of all verification’s rental, income, employment and/or other sources.


Look in the property agent remarks for information on where to apply for the property that interests you:



Applicants are accepting property in current condition unless otherwise negotiated within application.


Tu Casa Realty must receive security deposit, signed Lease and Management Addenda within 48 hours of application approval.


All payments after approval are payable in certified funds only (cashier’s check and/or money order).


Appointments to release keys can be scheduled only during business hours Monday to Friday (except holidays) between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. Tenant listed on the lease contract must pick up keys in person and show a valid picture ID.


Keys will not be released unless all charges in accordance with the lease are paid. Furthermore, tenants must provide evidence of renter’s insurance 48 hours prior to the lease commencement date. If no evidence of insurance is provided, Tenant will be charged a monthly insurance fee, until proper evidence of insurance is provided.